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Is The Online Casino Industry
Headed To Macau?

When trying to imagine the future of the online casino industry, one thing must come to mind.

Macau. This Chinese territory is the hottest small talk topic nowadays in the online casino world. You can't visit any online gambling related site without noticing the hype about it.
According to most people involved in the casino industry, Macau will overtake Las Vegas in casino gambling revenue by 2007. Although we are still talking about land based casinos, their online counterparts are thought to be right behind the corner.
Not so many years ago it would have been impossible to predict the enormous success of the casino industry in Macau. Casinos have been opening there at online casino Deutschland for some years now, but the real burst is still expected to come. For instance, The Sands Macau, opened in 2004, is right now the largest casino in the world, and you may not be surprised to hear that Las Vegas investors are behind him.

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Zachary Pickman